Pen Tool Fun

Pen Tool Fun - student project

I am taking this class as part of the course: 'Master Illustrator In Just 30 Days!'

This was a great class to start the course with. I've always felt really intimidated by both Illustrator and by the pen tool! So I (finally) overcame those fears with the class!

I also loved the advice in Jon's commentary (thanks, Jon). I've watched short YouTube videos on this tool before and always felt skeptical about some of the advice and confused with the lack of explanation, but Jon's advice was reassuring and gave me confidence. 

The pin is a great project idea. After a quick search on the internet I decided I liked these pins from Pete Cromer because they're quite original. Maybe for my final pin I'll do a native New Zealand bird. 

Online Example: Peter Cromer

Pen Tool Fun - image 1 - student project

I haven't got as far as drawing my own designs yet, but I've been practicing. Instead of using the Apple logo though I wanted to use an image of Sorceress. Here are the results of my practice. 

Practice With The Pen Tool: Sorceress

Pen Tool Fun - image 2 - student project

Hopefully I'll be back sometime to update this project with some of my own designs. d


Well, Sarah, a kakapo is still on the list, but the tui won out today! 

It was really useful to sketch first, then use the pen tool over the top of the sketch, then refine later.

Pen Tool Fun - image 3 - student project

And here is the final pin:

Pen Tool Fun - image 4 - student project