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Pen To Paper

At the start of this year I did what every other person did. I made a list, a mega list of things I wanted to create over the year (can see my list in full here). 

One of the creation on my list is a Sketch a Day book, mainly to improve my drawing skills and also to try and keep myself creative. I've come up agaisnt a slight problem though, I terrible at drawing! So here's my chance to get better!

I've decided to do this course over a few days so will be updating it as I go.

My Favourtie Artists:

  • Joan Miro - Amazing abstract artist. Love his use of simple shapes and bright colours.
  • Log Roper - An odd mix of sketch and illustation, but blend together so well.
  • Randy Laybourne - Really cool punk type style, major influence when I was skating.
  • Mark Fos Foster - Again another great skateboard designer with just a messy type style.
  • Ralph Steadman - Really one of the first artists I fell in love with for his messy and uniquie style.
  • Tim Seeley - Comic book artist, worked on Revival. Really nice mix of horror and normal life.
  • Peter Randall-Page - I went to see his work when I was younger and saw his sketches books. Loved the ways he took patterns from nature and turned them into drawings and sculpture.
  • Andrew Colin Beck - Really cool illustrator. Been a massive fan of his since the earily days on dribbble.

There are some of my favorite artist. A real mixed bunch from abstract art to modern illstration. I think really though my own style lays more in the punky type grunge looking side. I love things to feel and look rough, almost unfinished.

What I Love To Draw:

  • People
  • Cartoons/ comic style
  • Icons (simplifying objects)
  • One lined drawing

Things I Can't Draw:

  • Hands
  • Lower Body
  • Things at different angles, tend to mainly draw things forward facing.


Trying out something I hate. Hands! Working ona few different ways to draw them and in different poses. Whats your first thoughts? And do you have any good ways to draw hands?


So last night I decided to draw, put pen to paper and see what happened. And some freaky weird stuff went on. Was sort of insipred by alot of graphic novel book styles, mainly Ghost World. 


Here's sketch from my sketch a day book. Learning how to draw faces and get them a little more realist.

More to come soon...


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