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Pen, Ink & Other Stories

Hello Everyone! Today is that day that I start my ink project on Skillshare! (Finally!)

Using the paper suggestions from Yasmina's class, I bound a pamphlet book using Bristol Paper. 


Here's some line variation practice: 


I used a toothbrush, a music nib, ink pens, a ruling pen and watercolor brushes. I even experimented by using the stem of a pinecone I picked up in the park. If only they made pine scented ink! (mmmmm) 


Here is a shading practice worksheet! My printer is busted so I had to draw it out by hand. 


The hatching, cross hatching, and scribbles were done with an ink pen. 

Stippling was done with a paintbrush! 

Toothbrush was done with (yep, you guessed it!) a tooth brush! 

Spiral Curls and Waves were done with a nib pen. =) 

Here are some textures and patterns: 


And here is me , going crazy: 


Thanks for checking out my project in process! Hope you are enjoying this class as much as I am! <3



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