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I knew I wanted to do a flying pelican for a motorcycle club from a small town called Pell Lake.  The Pell Lake Pelicans.  So I started with a mood board.

I liked the dramatic symmetry of the wings in photo 4, but decided to try 7.

I wasn't really happy with the shape of the head, and it was reading more like a generic bird than a pelican to me.  Plus, this should be a more badass pelican to represent a motorcycle club.  I went back to the mood board and thought that if I chose a more zoomed in image, it might work better.  I decided to try photo 11 and focus more on just the head of the pelican.

I felt a lot better with this direction and thought I would continue with this sketch below.

Added grid lines to clean it up a bit...

And this was the final mark for now.  Though I'm still not so sure about the eye - any feedback would be much appreciated!

And then just for kicks, I added top and bottom rockers to mimic the back of a motorcycle jacket.


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