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Jonathan Emery

Peer Pressure Clothing LLC



Peer Pressure Clothing

NAME: Jonathan D Emery

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

BRAND NAME: Peer Pressure Clothing LLC

SLOGAN: "We Triple Dog Dare You!"

Based upon recognition of the phrase coupled with the tie in to the brand name, this had to be the company slogan! Theres absolutely no way of getting out of the "Triple Dog Dare", theres just no way! 




MISSION STATEMENT: PEER PRESSURE CLOTHING is an independent street wear clothing company based out of Philadelphia with an emphasis on strong designs and conceptualized lines; inspired by all aspects of art, pop, and urban cultures.

The essence of PEER PRESSURE CLOTHING is not to be the follower and succumb to pressure, but to be the leader and the one supplying it!


Let's be honest, we have all looked back to situations in our past and asked ourselves "What the hell was I thinking when I did that?" or "Why the hell did I do that dumb sh*t?".

Yeah, you knew you were beyond trashed after that last Car Bomb....but, everybody else just took their shot....are you going to punk out....HELL NO!!! 

Oh, everybodies jumping off the roof of the house into the backyard pool....plenty ladies watching....are you gonna puss out....HELL NO!!!

It's Monday....Just got paid....Bills are due....but, you just got that text from your homie saying he got a connect on the Bred 4's dropping that cable getting paid....HELL NO!!!


Born out of these moments are the opportunities for us to forge our own path, make our own decisions, and resist the persuasion of others to become the follower. The LEADERS are the one's that, despite the pressure and potential ridicule, don't fold! PEER PRESSURE CLOTHING is the embodiment of the LEADERS seperating themselves from the followers and going against the grain. The one's that reverse the trend, then become the staple!  ** Get it Staple....Staple Design....Jeff Staple...the guy who's teaching the....aaahhh f$%k it...**



The primary logo for PEER PRESSURE CLOTHING  is the silhouette of an individual sitting on a stool with three central elements that give character to the figure and embody the essence of the brand:

The Dunce Cap - A dunce cap, also variously known as a dunce hat, dunce's cap, or dunce's hat, is a pointed hat, formerly used as an article of discipline in schools. Frequently the 'dunce' was made to stand/sit in the corner, facing the wall as a result of some bad behavior. It was used as an attempt to rein in rebellious or disrespectful students.

The Sling Shot - A slingshot, is a small hand-powered projectile weapon. The classic form consists of a Y-shaped frame held in the off hand, with two rubber strips attached to the uprights. The other ends of the strips lead back to a pocket which holds the projectile. The pocket is grasped by the dominant hand and drawn back to the desired extent to provide power for the projectile.

The Wind Up Mechanism - A complex system of gears and springs used to mobilize a figure and propel it to action. Often used in toys. In 1509, Leonardo da Vinci created a wind-up lion as a greeting for Louis XII in Italy. Wind-up toys at this time were only for royalty due to the elaborate construction.

Why these three elements?



SPRING/SUMMER 13' RELEASE: "The Art of Peer Pressure: The Modern Classic"

Our initial release, "The Art of Peer Pressure: The Modern Classic", is inspired by the concept of "Peer Pressure BRANDING meets the world of modern art". With BRANDING being such a central aspect in the survival of a clothing company; the inaugural release from Peer Pressure Clothing incorporates this business concept with design elements derived from famous modern artists Keith Haring, MC Escher, and George Condo. The title for the line is derived from a track off of Kendrick Lamar's classic debut album, "Good Kidd Madd City". Kendrick Lamar is a leader within the "new school" of rap artists coming onto the scene today. His album instantaniously felt different, felt fresh, as if I was hearing the beginnings of something special. I wanted my debut line to resonate within my target market and generate that same enthusiasm that I felt when I first listened to the album.

After repeatedly listening to the track, "the Art of Peer Pressure", and the lyrical content speaking of adolescent angst and peer pressure being the driving force behind so many of his misdeeds; the marriage between this song and the clothing line felt perfect. Each design incorporates both name recognition as well as key elements from the primary Peer Pressure Clothing logo: the dunce cap and sling shot. These are brand marks that will begin to be synonymous with the clothing line as it grows and gains recognition within the world of streetwear.

Modern art is not relegated to just printed media.Visual arts such as theatre are also included within the arts. This ideal is expressed in the creation of the "Good Kid Madd City" tee. Created to honor the 20th anniversary of one of modern black cinema's most pivotal works, Menace II Society. With so many scenes demonstrating the powerful effects of peer pressure and the movie taking place in South Central LA, Kendrick Lamar's home town; the connection was there to tie everything together. So I felt it was only right that we pay homage to this classic work.

The "Head of The Klass" tee  - $22

The "Idle Hands" tee - $22

The "Pleasure Principal" tee - $22

The "Good Kid Madd City" tee - $22

Hemtags: Centerfold (1"x2")



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