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This is part of a larger interactive project. The illustration will live online where users will hover over the windows and reveal interior scenes. My process is fairly labor intensive but so far seems worth the effort.

Exterior underdrawing:

My goal was to use a louder, warmer color palette. I also tried a cooler quieter blue analogous scheme and a calmer daytime palette inspired by one of Justin Mezzel's illustrations, but my results seemed unexciting and not appropriate for the final context.

After several tries I settled on a scheme inspired by Foster's Home for Imaginary friends.

From there I created a quick color study. There are few details, just broad shapes in order to capture the spirit of the piece.

And here is the final in progress:

At some point, I'm going to start incorporating patterns, especially in the tree and the curtains. But at this stage, I'm just trying to put together the overall look.


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