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Pedro's Workspace - student project



Here's my process for the Drawing Towards Illustration lesson.


Pedro's Workspace - image 1 - student projectPedro's Workspace - image 2 - student projectPedro's Workspace - image 3 - student project

The Workspace
I'll be honest! I'm not the biggest fan of my workspace and I was a bit lazy with this part. My intention here was to just quickly scout for some interesting objects and details I could include on the sketching phase.

Pedro's Workspace - image 4 - student project


The Figure
I picked a stock photo of a man which I thought had a pose that would look funny in my final sketch.


Pedro's Workspace - image 5 - student project

Final Project Sketches

This was probably the most productive phase for me in this lesson. I've never worked with multiple loose sketch iterations layered on top of each other before. It's amazing how helpful this technique is to help add detail and reach a more confident looking final sketch.


Pedro's Workspace - image 6 - student project

Coloring Process

Being new to coloring, I decided to choose a rather monochromatic looking swatch to guarantee everything would look good together. Inspired by Tom's Photoshop pen tool workflow, I traced the sketch in Adobe Illustrator to build the main shapes and test out the colors.
I also made a few alterations here and there (which you can see from the overlayed sketch not matching the color shapes in some areas).


Pedro's Workspace - image 7 - student projectColoring Process 2

I then loaded the Illustrator file directly on to Photoshop and began adding detail and contours. This process was interrupted when I realized the yellow background just wasn't doing it for me. It felt like the character and the table didn't contrast with the background. I went back to the Illustrator file and tested out a few color configurations and ended up ditching the yellow.


Pedro's Workspace - image 8 - student project


Final Result

And here's the final piece with added textures and background details!
I applied a Distort - Ripple effect to the whole piece to make everything look more hand drawn. 

Pedro's Workspace - image 9 - student project


Inspired by Tom's workflow, the textures and details were done with custom Photoshop brushes. In this case I used Kyle Brush's spring brush pack for Photoshop.


Pedro's Workspace - image 10 - student project



Thanks for watching! 

Special thanks to Tom Froese for another great lesson!




Tools used
Sketch: Krita
Color and shapes: Adobe Illustrator
Textures and additional line work: Adobe Photoshop

Pedro Dias
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