the title to my Project is "The Apprentice". this is a rough sketch and it needs refining :) this could either be a relationship between a boss and his colleague or a prof and his student somewhat like that. The other idea was "the annoying thing"

Im not sure which on to work with. Please do help me out :)



Ok so I decided to go with the Apprentice .. this is my second sketch, different scenario as suggested by everyone. I have one more idea will post it soon. 

Feedback is welcome :) 

Ok So i decided to do only one character due to time constraints.  I converted the professor to "Pedro" im not done yet, i maybe want to add some blingy stuff, gold chain / ring etc. and a gun or a stick in his right hand. Suggestions and feedback will be helpful!!


I think i'll call it the final version. Please feel free to comment! Thanks guys Cheers!


I finally made the changes that Matt suggested and moved his walking stick away from his feet. 


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