Peculiar by jeonstify on Wattpad


No secret told could ever dance swiftly past the ears of anyone living in the quaint town of Pavv. An unusually minuscule population of fewer than five-hundred, meant that in Pavv, nothing was kept untold. The tight-knit community rarely held visitors, and the closest thing that Pavv ever got to guests, was the uneventful weekly mail.

Living in Pavv wasn't the most remarkable thing in the world; it could quite possibly pass as one of the most ponderous towns ever known. Nothing ever particularly exciting happened in the picturesque town, and the most memorable event in thirty-odd years, was the drought. Not that drought was inquisitive in the slightest – it was merely something that happened, which caused the town to stir in its usually peaceful slumber.

Penelope wasn't much different from the next girl in Pavv; she held a typical name, with a typical family. She lived the picture perfect life, having both parents happily married, and two caring siblings. Her parents had a stable income, while she and her siblings held fairly average grades. The only thing about her that was distinct about Penelope, was her tendency to dye her hair, in a desperate attempt to look somewhat dissimilar from the other, typical girls living in Pavv. You could suppose, that it was Penelope's way of trying to break free from the everyday normalities, while keeping within the unsaid boundaries of Pavv.

Nathan, however, wasn't anything similar to the typical small-town boy. His family remained a kept mystery, having moved to town in the last week, stirring up Pavv with the arrival of fresh blood. He was strikingly handsome; raven black hair, skin as white as snow, and a cold, iced stare, that pulled you into a shroud of frozen emotions. No one knew anything about him, or why he came here, and the unraveled secrets galvanized the citizens of Pavv, who usually knew everything about everyone. Nathan, alongside his family, had merely appeared one day, but he was the only one of them all that had actually been seen by other people. Rumors had flown around town, saying that he lived with his single mother, and that his father left his family for another woman. Other rumors suggested that he was the son of a wealthy CEO, but was sent off to live on his own and begin a new life entirely. Of course, however, none of these rumors had actually been confirmed, because he had never spoken to a single person.

His life was the polar opposite from Penelope's simple one, and he was clouded with a fog of mystery, that no one had yet broken through. She was so normal, and he was so, not. He was everything she wished she could be, and yet she didn't know a single thing about him. But Penelope wanted too, and she was determined.


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