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Melony Chitwood

Scribbler in a Blanket Fort



Peas and Carrots

So here's the link to my Pinterest board for the start of my project focused on Family & Food. I am taking from 3 key elements that I am trying to assemble together some semblance of on my board.

1) The Phrase - before I could really start on getting visual elements together I had to choose a decently short phrase for the project poster/coaster and I went with "We go together like Peas and Carrots." Yes yes, I know it's cheesy but it is a great phrase that sticks in the mind.

2) The Layout - I love and greatly admire many painters for their composition as well as use of color. So I have put in a few of my favorite paintings from famous artists like Klimt and Van Gogh. The paintings are well known, so I figured I might borrow from their settings/composition to add into my own work.

3) The Colors - I found that with most projects, sticking to a small number of colors is key in a great design. Now it is a bit simplistic but as a exercise more than anything, less is more. So I stuck with 3 main colors which I found on my last trip to Target, as you can see from my shopping pins on the board. Now you can go with shades of these colors, as I am going to, but I still wanted to stick to Green, Orange, and Brown.


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