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Pearls and Peacocks

Pearls and Peacocks is my baby, and I love her so much. She gives me the freedom to discuss all things fashion, romance, and Jay Z.  I’ve been blogging for a few years now, but I know that I can do better. Basically, I want to learn how to develop better content.  For me, better content > more readers > happy me.

P.S. My categories on the blog are: 10 Reasons, A Closer Look, All About Me, Bloggers Got Style Too, Bookworms, Editorial Stills, Fashion, #icant, The Carters, and My Love Affair with June. 

Anywho, I am doing a little spring cleaning and getting rid of the clutter on my blog. First on my to do list is clean up my categories and plan for the remainder of the year.

I’m so excited about this class. Cheers to a better blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is my purpose?

  1. To grow as a writer and learn how to engage with my audience
  2. To inject my personality into each and every post
  3. To have the creative freedom to write about things I love i.e. fashion, pop culture, and romance books
  4. To become a fashion curator pulling together on trend items at affordable costs
  5. To become a go-to-place for recommending your next romance book
  6. To discuss certain elements of pop culture like the Carters
  7. To provide outfit inspirations
  8. To be able to share news in fashion and celebrity gossip that interest me
  9. To cover live events on social media
  10. To expand and sell custom-made jewelry and t-shirts and books written by me
  11. To share a little bit about myself as well

Who is my audience?

Parker never divulges her real age but will tell you that she’s surrounded by ambitious women in their late twenties and thirties. She lives in a major city but secretly would love to relocate to New York. She’s career focused and loves her family but is obsessed with all things fashion and dominating alpha males. She loves to shop trends at an affordable cost but will splurge every now and again on something from J. Crew and Kate Spade. She prefers jewelry over shoes, and chic lit over the classics. Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky Magazine, and Elle are her fashion bibles, and a rich, dominating man is her prototype. She’s fun, nerdy, and stylish with a social media obsession. At any given moment, you’ll find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. She loves to gather information from her favorite fashion blogs or fashion magazines and save it for a rainy day. She never knows when she might need a book recommendation or how to create her very own statement necklace. She’s a very visual person and loves list.  She’s kind of enamored with Jay Z and June Ambrose and has a crush on Jenna Lyons, Erika Bearman, Olivia Palermo, and Joanna Hillman. Even though she may not necessarily like to take pictures of herself, she loves style blogs like Atlantic-Pacific, Hallie Dailey, Allergic to Vanilla, Fashion Hoax, Damsel in Dior, My Showroom Blog, This Time Tomorrow, Wendy’s Lookbook, Ivory Lane, Style is My Thing, Suburban Faux-Pas, and A Little Dash of Darling. Secretly, she would love to create an entire wardrobe around their fashionable, on-trend looks. P.S. She’s a walking celebrity encyclopedia and refuses to let anyone judge her for it.

She is less than enthused with her job and finds comfort and joy in social media, fashion, and books. In a perfect world, she would be an author, social media expert, and paid fashion curator.


Blogging Style:

The culture behind Pearls and Peacocks consist of:

Quirks: Will show a slight obsession with all things related to June Ambrose, J. Crew, Kate Spade, and Jay Z. Random thoughts about my life, cooking and working out. Hate unjustified paragraphs. That’s a must.

Style: Everything will relate to fashion and romance books.  Anything that reads glamorously preppy/casual chic/effortlessly cool will be featured and preferably at an affordable cost mostly under $200. There will be a few exceptions.

Tone: First person, heavy usage of lists and p.s., short and to the point (except on reviews), my typical linguistic pattern, which is a mix of Midwest and valley girl, grammar usage is okay but not heavily stressed (incomplete sentences are just fine), certain curse words like hell and f**k are permitted but not overused, will refrain from derogatory words and other curse words that were not previously stated.

Images: Large, clear images, gifs, memes, and collages. Since it’s not a style blog, pictures of me will be rare. They may or may not include an entire look. Preferences will be on certain aspects of the outfit. Pictures will have links provided if not original content.

  • Pretty – Ugly = Visually stunning
  • Fun – Stale  = Amazeballs
  • Current –Dated= On Trend
  • Honest Abe – Negative Nancy = Candid
  • Summaries – Paragraphs = Creative Writing

Smart Goals:

  1. I want to reach 3,000 unique page views by December.
  2. I want to sell 10 shirts by December on Skreened.
  3. I want to create a how to shop on trend and within a budget series published once a month.
  4. I want to gain 10 new followers on Google + within the next 90 days.
  5. I want to join WBC within the 90 days.

Brand Statement:

Pearls and Peacocks is a trendy, artistic, and fun blog focused on providing content focused on my three loves, fashion, pop culture, and chic lit books, to women who are obsessed with Vogue, adore The Carters, and crave a dominating alpha male so that they know what’s trendy and haute, how to fall in love with romance books, and how to keep up with joneses.

Why Am I Doing This?

  1. To help every day women stay stylish
  2. To help others embrace romance books
  3. To learn more about the culture (pop culture that is)

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis, I plan to:

  1. Publish a post every day of the week
  2. Reach 3,000 unique page views by December
  3. Create a how to shop on trend and within a budget series published once a mont
  4. Gain 10 new followers on Google + within the next 90 days

Content Pillars:

  1. Fashion (red carpet fashion recaps, bloggers and celebrity style, trendy shopping, and #styleWERKshop)
  2. Books ( cover reveals, release day blitz, spotlights, and reviews)  
  3. Pop Culture ( Carrie’s corner, celebrity news, and  the carters)
  4. Pinterest posts

Source Library:

  1. Bloglovin
  2. Facebook
  3. WWD
  4. StyleCaster
  5. WhoWhatWear
  6. Refinery29
  7. Instagram
  8. Flipgram
  9. PopSugar
  10. TheYBF




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