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Pear-Shape Werefox


The character I'm designing is a kind of kitsune -- basically magical werefox. Foxes are of course normally associated with sharp tricksy pointy shapes (such as in the example assignment), but I want this character to seem very friendly and approachable. She's not evil, but having a fox nature means she's got a sly and secretive side, too.

For the purposes of this assignment, I'll be focusing only on her human form.

I started with a pear shape, basically a couple of circles stacked on each other and then merged together. Round, smooth, comfortable. For my moodboard, I chose a picture of a fox (of course) and of a couple of cute-but-sly kitsune masks that someone made. Amethyst and the female Pandaren from World of Warcraft display characteristics that make me think of this character I'm still nebulously envisioning; they're rounded and chubby but sturdy and active, too. Chubbiness isn't a quality usually associated with foxes, I know, but I think it'll be fun going against type.

That's what I've got so far. Next update will have some sketches. Cheers!

UPDATE ONE: SKETCHES (28 April 2015)

For brainstorming, I ditched the tablet and went to my sketchbook. Ideas usually come more easily for me with paper and ballpoint (and maybe some quick ink wash) than tablet and stylus.

Even though she's a magical shapeshifting werefox, this character does need to look perfectly human at times, though naturally I still wanted to suggest foxiness despite her rounded pearshaped body. I played around with a couple ideas for hair looking like ears and decided I liked the twin ponytails better than the wild wolverine-ish hair. Her large eyes and tiny nose aim for a cute and childish appearance that makes her friendly-looking and approachable, but I used a little pointy shape for that nose and tried to give her kind of a knowing look, too.

This is definitely a first iteration, but I think I'm headed in the right direction so far. Going to let her sit and gestate for a bit before I develop her further.


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