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Peanut Butter Packaging


Here is my final product! I ended up changing several things along the way, and there are many things that I will change next time I make these (I'm planning to sell them at my local farmers market). I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, though. 

This class was a lot of fun (although a bit stressful at times). I'm so glad I did it :) Thanks Hannah for all of your amazing feedback!

UPDATE 4/25: Printed Labels 

UPDATE 4/23: Labels (version 2)

Per Hannah's suggestions, I increased the weight of all of the text (including the logo) and switched the colors on the labels to make them more colorful. I think the difficulty reading the brighter colors is due to the vibrance of the brown. Considering that these are kraft paper labels, I think the colors will be toned down quite a bit once they're printed on the actual material (they're in Illustrator right now). I'm going to do a test run first thing tomorrow morning, so I'll post a picture of the real labels then. 

UPDATE 4/23: Labels

Here are the digital versions of my labels. I'd love an opinion on which one you prefer. The brown background is just me trying to mimick the brown of the kraft paper labels I'll be using. Each of my 4 flavors will have the same label, but a different color text to differentiate them. 

Overview of all labels, tags, and stickers (the stickerswill  act as tamper-evident seals):

Dark chocolate:



White chocolate:

UPDATE 4/19: Sharpie sketches


UPDATE 4/12: Initial sketches (whiteboarding)

Here are my initial thoughts on labels and packaging. Never you mind my underwhelming whiteboarding skills, my sketches will be much, much worse :)

My thoughts, so far:

Logo: I'm leaning towards logo #3 because it's simple enough to allow me flexibility with the rest of the packaging (plus it kind of looks like a jar, and I dig that!). (It also seems like I'm leaning toward the "Butter Me Up" name.)

Jar and label: I'm liking the round, stubby-looking jar because it feels more friendly and less "homegrown" (Ithe tall, skinny jar is too reminiscent of an old-lady's homemade jam, for my tastes). I like option #1 with the addition of a tag (similar to the Limoncello packaging, below) and a label on the back of the jar with a peanut-shaped cut out so that you can see the texture of the peanut butter through it (and some text below it that says something like,  "100% natural"). 

Carrier: I'm really leaning toward option #3 on this, even though it's the most complex to fabricate. It brings the brand to the forefront and is different enough that I think it would catch your eye. I also really like the idea of a raised platform type carrier where the jars can sit down in cutouts (for stability). If I don't go with option #3, I might do a box of some sort. I really like the carrier, though. I want the peanut butter to make people feel the way they do about craft beer. The carrier is essential for that, in my opinion. 

Sharpie sketches to come :)


I'm a User Experience Designer, so I'm doing this class to get some practice in the Industrial Design sphere.  I'm excited to create an actual, physical product :)

Here's my project brief:

Brand (I could use some help narrowing down the name):

  • Nutter Bros.
  • Butter Bear
  • Nut House
  • Butter Me Up
  • Hey, Butterfingers!

Product information:

My product is a line of 3 or 4 flavors of all-natural, gourmet peanut butters. Each flavor will have a unique (but cohesive) design and all of the jars will be housed in some kind of carrying case (similiar to a beer carrier). I would also like to include a brochure detailing how the butters are made, to include in the package. 

The names of each flavor might be something friendly like "Oh, honey" (honey), "We like you a latte" (cappuccino), "White and nerdy" (white chocolate), and  "Come to the dark side" (dark chocolate)

Initial thoughts on copy:

I would like to play up the "all-natural" aspect of the butters, but I want to keep the copy really light and friendly. I'm going for a conversational—almost witty—brand, so I'll probably use words like "naked", "bare", or similar language. 

Here are a few images that I'm inspired by:


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