Peacockosaurus - student project

Peacockosaurus - image 1 - student project

Can anyone explain to me how to make these letters look 3D? (soft and rounded, not with a flat front surface)?

Peacockosaurus - image 2 - student project

I'm starting a clothing and arts collective with my friends. We want to call it Peacockosaurus, or Peacockasaurus - it will be playful, unique, hand-made, and diverse styles. We'll incorporate sacred geometry, lots of fun textures, airbrushed trippy patterns on clothes, and direct-to-garment printed designs. Some of the art we make uses black lights and LED's and looks futuristic.

The stores and festivals we'll sell at will have lots of "leather feather" hippy clothes that look very similar, so we want to create a look for our marketing that evokes something different and unique and pops out in the indie-clothing and arts stores we will have a presence in. The music at these festivals is often electronic, so bringing in a tech element will be integrating.

I want to make a font that looks 3D, sculptural, metallic, and evokes robotics and tech, but in a playful way. Rough draft sketch is above.

The actual peacockosaurus is going to look like a brontasaurus/fairy/alien/peacock hybrid animal :):)

Here's a pinterest board with reference images for the lettering -

I found a rad photoshop tutorial for how to make the metallic effect really pop, especially since I want the o in the center of Peacockosaurus to radiate light.

Peacockosaurus - image 3 - student project

I'm going to design the graphic and the logo to be somewhat complex and look good as a card-size print, even though when it's shrunk down some of the details will be lost. It might be necessary to have a simpler design for small-scale / tag printing.

The o in the center of Peacockosaurs will be made of a circuit-looking ring (similar to the outer circle in my painting below), intentionally created or "coded" as a sigil or key for unlocking creative potential and collaboration. (Sigils are a form of magic that represents the makers' intentions - all logos are sigils really, but I can tell you more details if you're curious.)

Peacockosaurus - image 4 - student project

Here's my full design process so far.

Peacockosaurus - image 5 - student project

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