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This is my first attempt at screenwriting, ever (finding it quite difficult actually). But I finally came up with two very simple plots that I think could make entertaining 10-minutes shorts... Looks like I'm experiencing some writer's block on the third pitch though. I thought I'd just put up the first two anyway so I can (hopefully) get some feedback to see if I'm headed in the right direction. Will definitely update when inspired! 

Pitch 1: Ice Cream

Mary is having a terrible morning. She ends up eating at McDonald’s for lunch (because someone stole her lunch from the fridge, of course) and decides to treat herself to an ice cream sundae as a pick-me-up. But today is the one day McDonald's seems to have run out of ice cream... She continues the rest of her day feeling a little bit defeated and decidedly picks up an ice cream during her grocery shopping, hoping it will make her feel better. But when she gets home, she is bombarded with mom-duties. Irritated and tired, Mary wonders if she’ll ever get a moment to just enjoy her damn ice cream.

Pitch 2: The Imaginary Friend

Annabel just moved to a new neighborhood. Alone and without friends (maybe she is picked on? Or maybe she’s too shy), Annabel finds a kitty at the park and takes it home. She hides the kitty from her parents, knowing that they won’t let her keep it.  Her parents overhear Annabel talking to herself and think she’s developed an imaginary friend. A couple days later, a boy and his mother come looking for the kitty. Annabel is torn between keeping the kitty her secret or giving up her only friend.


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