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Peaceful Pansies - Class Refresher

6.16.17 Update: It's been about a year since I first took this class and since I first began my surface pattern design journey. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut of creating patterns in the same manner every time, so I thought I'd retake this class in order to discover techniques I might have forgotten. I think I immediately gravitate towards some techniques, practice them over and over, and then forget to implement other approaches. So I watched all of the videos over again and created the pattern below. There aren't any sketches this time because I used the blob brush tool to trace over personal photographs taken at my local conservatory. All of the other components are below along with a variety of colorways. 



1.14.17 UPDATE: Coloring Book Submission - Line Drawing Bouquet


Here's my submission for the collective coloring book. I made a bouquet out of floral line drawings that I'd already scanned and vectorized. Enjoy!


Hello Everyone!

I love architecture. Living in a big city like Chicago affords me many oportunities to photograph our classic and modern architecture. What I love more than functioning architecture is dilapidated structures. They make me wonder how they once functioned and ask why they'd been abandoned. I tend to veer towards abstract compositions when creating artwork, and this design was no different. 

Here's a scanned and cleaned up image of my sketches:


I am inspired by architectural elements, so I created abstracted versions of doorways, highrises, street markings, layers of brick, metals and so forth.

My mood board and color palette are combined below. My mood board does not incorporate chicago architecture, but I used my memory of recent photographs for that reference.


Vectorized and colored motifs:


I'm pretty pleased with the elements and my color choices. I was aiming for earthy, subtle hues because there's still so many brick and stone buildings in Downtown Chicago, in addition to the more modern buildings.

So, here's my final pattern in two colorways:

City at Sunset


Morning Commute


I thought that this design might look cool on a notebook, here's a look:


Bonnie, thanks so much for offering this class. I'm still learning, but I've gained so much from your course, and I'm about to start the follow up to this one.  :)


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