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Peace on Earth

This is an idea for a Christmas card that I have been working on recently. I've actually previously finished a version in raster form, seen here below.

For the purposes of this project for the class, I started over with the original scan and deleted all the decorative elements so I was just dealing with the text for now.

Here is my original sketch:

This is my drawing in progress via Instagram (@nikijin). 

My final inked text, scanned, with only levels adjusted. No other touch-ups yet.

Here is the final tweaked text, all cleaned up and vector-ized.

I was pretty happy with the results. I have only been using Live Trace for a short time, and usually just the default settings, so I really appreciated learning about all the different settings from Sean. Here's a close-up:

Next up, maybe I'll experiment with some coloring and textures in Illustrator. I want to try my hand at creating some precise vectors as well. 


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