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Peace in My Troubled Sea

I did the sketches and all that in Lettering I, but didn't post a project for that class, so I will post here. Sorry for the dark photos!

This quote is taken from the lyrics of the song "My Lighthouse" by Rend Collective.

I started with lots of sketches. This is my first "real" lettering project so I played around a lot to make sure I was understanding how the letters fit together.

I then sketched some thumbnails until I found one I liked. I was really pleased with the idea that I had for the word "sea" so most of my thumbnails revolved around that word in some way.

Once I decided on my layout, I sketched it out full size.

I drew several versions of it on tracing paper until I had refined it enough that I was happy.

My first ink drawing had some kinks, so I retraced parts of the image on other pieces to combine on the computer later. I also made some minor changes when I noticed the "P" and "E" on "PEACE" were dipping down too low and that the thickness of the minor words was throwing things off. I also wanted to add a drop shadow and background colors to some areas, so I traced separate sheets with those elements.

I scanned the ink drawings and started playing with the colors. I wasn't really thinking about colors when I drew the image, and in retrospect I wish I had thought about it more. The cloud at the top, for instance, looks good as the navy blue, but then the lines for the lighthouse disappear. I'm still not 100% happy with them as they appear below, but I'm working on it. 

My next step in this unfinished project is to get the colors just right and then add some textures to the piece.

UPDATE (Sep. 25, 2014)

I could tell I was itching to move on to other projects and that was making me procrastinate on this. In the interest of finishing, I looked in my reference library for some textures I already had. I do have a pretty extensive texture library, so it wasn't hard to find some general ones that I liked the look of. 

One day I'll do my own cool lettering texture, but for now I was eager to finish this project up. Better to have a finished project than a bunch of half-done ones!

I also got some advice for rebalancing the colors in the piece. I completely took out the dark green color and made "sea" a lot simpler. It made me nervous, but ultimately I think it looks a lot more tied together with fewer colors. I'm really happy with how this image turned out!


I also did some hand-lettered names for a few of my friends this week to get more practice in. I'm really happy to have learned this new skill and I'm on the lookout for more applications for it. Yeah!


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