Peace by Joseph "Dantago" Maisels

Peace by Joseph "Dantago" Maisels - student project

Poetry I: Introduction to Making Poems 


Project by Joseph Maisels (Dantago)


Note: Motivation for why I would complete the Poetry II course can be found below.


1. Theme: Peace

Peace has been and continues to be an important topic for me. I seek to better understand and live by it. Throughout my life my relationship with peace has transformed in the following ways:

  • Understanding that peace is not simply the absence of external war
  • That peace can manifest in an array of ways
  • Finally, peace is a quest desirable to all, yet our journeys differ 

2. Thread(s)

To determine what my threads were I looked into subject matters that I feel I need to make peace with this includes loss and grief, mental health, my upbringing and my views on time.

These are all extremely complex and there is a great deal for me to explore here poetically that can be valuable for myself and many others. Furthermore this can and does benefit me as a person with regards to my growth and my pursuit for peace within myself and the world around me.


3. Small Noticings

  1. My father’s love for singing.
  2. How that love (1) likened to his breathing during his last days, like a sad song.
  3. The romanticising of deathbed promises, that are like poems we cherish.
  4. Knowing my father’s death left no evidence, I came home to a blank sheet, like a blank music sheet.
  5. The biblical stories I was raised with demonised things and my parents always highlighted them. They seldom spoke about the good.
  6. Pleasure and indulgence having bad connotations even in appropriate settings.
  7. The relationship between insanity and abuse.
  8. Suicidality and how anything can be used as an escape.
  9. Noticing with which words ones lips touch and the frequency they touch depending on state of mind.
  10. Increments of time are like pillars or some tangible set of structures that can fall into one another.
  11. Time is both associated with constraints and freedom.
  12. Time blurred due to Lockdown (Corona Virus containment measures).
  13. Exploring scenes that are peaceful like a fisher on a boat.
  14. Peace can be disturbed by completing tasks with unnecessary hast and self-imposed pressure.
  15. Embracing new ways of being, new relationships with time, grief, health etc.


4. List of literary tools

·         Alliteration

·         Euphemism

·         Flashback

·         Hyperbole

·         Imagery

·         Irony

·         Juxtaposition

·         Metaphor

·         Metonym

·         Mood

·         Paradox

·         Symbolism

·         Tone


5. Why I will take the Poetry II class: Creating a Book of Poems

I found the Poetry I: Introduction to Making Poems class immensely valuable. I appreciate the insights shared and the kind manner in which the instruction was delivered. The butterfly methodology is particularly beneficial which opens a world of possibilities for me. Thank you for the reminder concerning breath. I would take up the Poetry II class: Creating a Book of Poems as I am deeply committed to writing, studying and publishing poetry. I believe there will be a great deal for me to learn.


6. Poems


Poem 1: Breathing to Sing  

Joseph “Dantago” Maisels, 2020


His breathe sung a dreary tone

As life lingered in him delicately

Moments like these birth prayers,

And conjure momentous promises

That bring poetic absolution


The day you summit the mountain,

Navigate the seas and exclaim:

“I did it! I did it for you!”


When I lost him to the shadows

I made no promises and said no

Prayers, my reprieve lay in knowing

A myriad of silver threads would

Not have eliminated the shade cast

On that day, nothing will.


His departure left a blank white sheet

No notes can fill the vacancy, time will

Renew and through gentle remastering

Perhaps I will find breath to sing



Poem 2: Passion and Peace

Joseph “Dantago” Maisels, 2020


She drew the enticing eerie mass to her full pouty lips

Her unstained teeth sunk into its plush flesh, her tongue

Reached for its tantalising bits and filled her mouth

With them, its ember-like nectar dripped delectably

From the corners of her mouth she raised her hand

And with her index collected the hot residue

Scooping it gracefully to her spoilt lips


This must have been what he saw from behind

A fern with his gaze, imagining what it tasted like

Despite knowing it was strictly forbidden


There was another fruit, no-one is said to have eaten

From it, it was the fruit of peace,

It was openly permitted.


They sit at their park bench tables haloed by rainbows

Of morning rays, gently slicing into the cushion-like casing,

They carefully preserve the kaleidoscopic seeds to plant

For the next season. They share each segment of the richly

Textured fruit widely in community. Everyone shares in the

Bountiful harvest. Nectar runs freely across bright gleeful

Faces and there is space to roam, to breathe.


Poem 3: Maddening

Joseph “Dantago” Maisels, 2020




Lips clenched as tight as red

Shoelaces binding slurs deep

Within the foes upper mouth,

Replacing the words are fists

Bound by an unreconciled rage,

Becoming airborne they pierce

Me leaving a bloodied pulp




Lips barely touching as with blue

Moons, recounting tales spewed as

Obtuse as knots on tightrope black

Unable to halt, my aim to embellish

The atmosphere with gestures bold

Outweigh logical nature as I release,

Relinquishing to my mind’s will


Poem 4: Time Unassigned

 Joseph “Dantago” Maisels, 2020


I wander through passages of capsized intervals,

These were once pavements and roads now all

Enmeshed into a single corridor, repetitions of

Sustainment, recalibration and recreation sit


As looping cycles under one roof where sun and

Moon peak through homemade draperies, the

Only constant is my looming fear and question:

When will this all end?


I’ve always defined time’s importance in relation

To particular events, as I believed simply being

Equated meandering and was a lesser pursuit,

This moment, though imposed, invites being


Poem 5: Free Time

Joseph “Dantago” Maisels, 2020


Rich long orange clouds ribbon the horizon

A small wooden boat with peeling paint

Keeps a modest and hungry fisher afloat,

They cast out a tiny old grey net, hurriedly


Into an infinite body of blue water before it

Is retrieved franticly at the first inkling of

Movement, the desperate exasperated fisher

Bemoans an empty net and grows increasingly


Frustrated, despite contrary evidence they

Follow the same course of action, until night falls

The fisher returns home with little to show

From the expedition and mouths to feed


I too as the fisher remain ensnared by the

Trappings of periodicity, believing time

Bounds, while living with self-imposed sets

Of constrains, rushing, when perhaps slowing

Down, breathing and befriending is what

I should do to free time.

Joseph Maisels
Poet, Aspiring Writer