Peace at last..

Peace at last.. - student project



I'm Jordan and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 4 years ago now and since then I have been on a journey to find who I really am, and perhaps why my mind can be so different?

This course has allowed to finally grasp the concept of peace, within myself and my mind. When I delve in to introspection I strip myself of the label "bipolar" and I see my mind isn't unlike anybody else's which brings me acceptance of my illness where I have been looking so desperately for it. 

I have practised self care and mindfulness seriously for the last 2 years, and I will continue to do so with the new tools that you have given me from this class. 

I can relate to the "Lotus" example and use this to know I am above each thing that can disrupt my path and look at it externally to see where I can improve, accept and work on things so that  I learn to not let them pull me off path.

I really appreciate your time in putting this course together, and skillshare for recommending this class for me. 

Love and Light,