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Payyola - Reward Your Freelancer

My Big Idea

My BIG IDEA is Payyola

Payyola is a global online recognition platform through which individuals and organizations can reward their freelance workers & virtual assistants.

 We offer companies and websites such as Elance an opportunity to thank their freelancers in kind rather than in just words.

E.g. Music Downloads, EBooks, Spa Treatments, Frappuccino’s -And More!

“Thank You” is nice.
Vouchers are Better

A good freelancer & virtual assistant is hard to find, but when you find one, you’re always telling them “thank you.” Wouldn’t it be nicer to give something more than words?

Website with explainer video and if interested pleases sign up

My Business

My biz is: an online rewards scheme for freelancers around the world

It sells: an online rewards web application which anyone can use as their employee recognition program

To: Any company that uses freelancers

I do this because:

Because i want to help and support freelancers around the world & a good freelancer is hard to find!

Many companies now  remote workers e.g VA’s, freelancers , remote workers, consultants , programmers , web designers etc.

I have been a freelancer and used freelancers in the past

It benefits others by:

1) Creating motivated and happy freelancers

2) Being able to provide a platform to provide and easy way to give rewards.

3) The business owner  gets satisfaction by rewarding his / her workers,

4) addresses the 4 main topics employees care about

My idols

The best companies that sell a similar service or product are: - one stop shop for voucher rewards
Cottrills -  provide effective reward and recognition schemes

What are they doing thats so special

Clean UX . good design - easy to use , nice variety of products

The best companies that solve a similar biz problem are:

Birchbox, Groupon.

What are they doing thats so special

Good marketing campaign , huge number of views & click throughs , rank very high on Google. Offer an amazing range of gifts & vouchers. Very popular around the world.

The best companies that reach my target audience are:

Corporate Rewards - provide effective staff incentive schemes
love2reward - provides a range of schemes for employees

What are they doing thats so special

Very Niche , target startups which are cool companies - very aspirational. They provide awesome testimonials of how using the product has made a big difference to their company.


Aspects of companies which i would use or aspire to

1) Design - Apple
2) Kissmetrics - Blog
3) Zappos - Customer services
4) Interesting / education get a lot of interest out of it -> Skillshare
5) 37 signals - They are passionate about their products

5. Making Mad - Money Guidelines

My customers can pay for it ? Yes
My customers will pay for it ?- Yes
There are enough potential customers to support my business ?- Yes
I know all my expenses and have verified them with a mentor ?- No
After all my expenses I will make money on it.


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