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Agustian Hermanto

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Payment Form

I've decided to work on improving a payment page microcopy. The reason is because payment page is the one last step where users, who have make decisions to purchase a product online, become a paying customers. This example is taken from integration for third party resellers.





Some of the elements that are missing before are required fields label and label helpers to assist users complete this payment form. For example, Phone field is not a required field, however, I feel that by adding "In case email stops working, how can we reach you?" would make users to willingly provide their phone number more.

Reorganized a few of the fields to a different column to make the flow of the page better. Adding a page title also helps users know what they are purchasing at the moment.

I also added a "Postal Code" text since other places in the world doesn't use zip code. This can play nicely for Canadian customers.

I also try making this payment page a little more fun by adding "Let's get trip'in!"

Look forward to get any input!


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