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Paycheck to Paycheck

Paycheck to Paycheck helps you quickly manage your day to day expenses in order to visually keep tabs on how much you have left to spend at any given moment as a whole and per category of expense.  Most importantly it will quickly help you guage if you're spending money too quickly for the pay period and month for each budget and as a whole.

Also, if you're like many struggling to keep track of expenses, the app also opens up the opportunity for you to keep track of past due bills and expenses as well as notes and pictures of the bill in order for you to remember and plan for them each and every month on an ongoing basis.  

Example:  If you have a medical bill that you haven't gotten to you can add it as a past due bill, specify the total, dates of additional fees that may occur if you don't pay (which automatically get added to the total on those dates), and show up as a reminer each new month if they are not paid yet.


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