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Pavement Ponderings- Perfectly Imperfect Ponders From the Pavement


1)  Express my authentic self

2)  Empower others

3)  Grow professionally & personally

4)  Reach more souls- my voice out in the BIG world

5)  Support current clients/students by continuing to walk the talk; being human


  • Male or Female (predominately female); middle define that!
  • Busy individuals balancing personal & professional life; moms; entrepreneurs
  • Interest in health and overall wellness
  • Seekers of excitement, laughter, adventure, fun, inspiration, amateur athlete, nutrition conscious


Elaine is a 32 year old, married woman with a 9 year old & 5 year old.  A suburbanite, she volunteers at her kids school & works part time all while balancing life at home as mom, wife, housekeeper, chef, etc....  She has an amazing social circle and supportive family (....but still family).  She is a dilettante of sort, dabbling in many interests.  


  • Real - Self Involved = Authentic
  • Humour - Lacking Depth = Entertaining
  • Thought Provoking - Overbearing = Engaging
  • Educational - Boring = Useful
  • Broad - Scattered = Fresh
  • Intriguing - Salesy = Inspiring


To become an engaging fresh blogger, blogging a minimum of 4x/month, including recipes, entrepreneur interviews and authentic writings.


Pavement Ponderings is ane engaging, fresh & inspiring blog focused on providing content about living a healthy, divinely guided life. Shining a light of humor, love & value in a crazy busy, sometimes chaotic, world!


  1. Support others wanting more
  2. Celebrate my awarenesses & evolvements authentically
  3. Develop my writing style & be brave in sharing content


  • Real life "stories" of truth and inspiration
  • Healthy eating recipes & body/mind/soul connection
  • Interviews with successful entrepreneurs living on purpose & with passion

BECOME A BRAND JOURNALIST......thoughts around this piece

Though one of my blog purposes is to grow professionally, I am not into sales or selling my services.  I am not a sales person, by profession, I am a coach.  I truly believe that you attract clients by walking the talk.  I am living a purposeful & passionalte life in the role of a life coach.  This blog allows me to walk the talk, inspire & support others without asking for the sale.  I have already seen the benefit of being real, authentic & vulnerable pay off.  Readers want to know more & inquire via email, as well as engaging conversation via Facebook. 


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