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Paul McCreery




Paulville Goods, you have to care.

My business commandment is simply this, you have to care. Or maybe the crack version would be, "you have to give a shit."

You have to get your customers to care, you want them to be invested in your product so that they genuinely want to be a part of it.

Easier said than done though, for me the key to getting your customers to care is to be genuine, and create something that I'm really into, like it's an extention of me.

I think that was the key to Marc's success. He created a brand that is urban and street, and it came from his guts. I grew up in a small resort town in the mountains, the furthest thing from any city. One thing I had in common with Marc growing up though was that I was an artist too. I was always drawing, copying comic books and building projects out of whatever I could find. 

I got married young, have two little kids, and continue to make art about the world around me, sharing it in the form of t-shirts with family and friends, and now I make t-shirts for all.

I'm learning how to develope a brand, and Unlabel has been the perfect starting point for me. I don't fit into the conventional version of a clothing label, but that's not going to stop me from succeeding. I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time, business and marketing do not come naturally, reading this book has helped me tremendously, I'm having minor success right now and there are specific things that this book is yelling out to me that will help get me to the next level. 

One example of something I've learned is building your collection around a single item. For Marc it was the Ecko Hoodie. For me it's this Retro Robots Tee. It's an unexpected best seller, I never have any in stock.

I also need to have a strong logo, something like the Ecko Rhino, I'm working on that as well as tapping into some licensing. I am not afraid.

Check out my online shop and please give me some pointers. I need all the help I can get. Thanks!

ps, after walking my kids to school and reading through my project again I realized I had gone astray from my own commandment. You have to care. In my own story, I didn't care for a long time. I worked as a general contractor for 12 long years, stiffling my artistic side, pleasing customers and building houses that I didn't care about. The work was shitty and it showed. Now I'm doing something that I care about, and I believe that the work reflects it.


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