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Paul's Progress to Mastery

Hello class and Gabrielle.

My name is Paul Jun and I'm an author and writer. I run a blog called Motivated Mastery where I connect the dots to between subjects like psychology, philosophy, mastery, culture, art, and more.

My first attempt at an eye:

Progress after watching the videos, using different materials, and using measurements:

I still made the mistake of putting it like a football, so I have to work on this. Also this is based off no reference, just off the top of my head. Next time I'll use a photo reference.

Here's a first attempt at drawing lips before I signed up for this course (sorry, don't mind the color drawings):

And here's some progress after watching videos and really studying the lip:

Last night I had an urge to try drawing a portrait. I must first admit that it was a pretty bold move on my part because I felt unprepared. But I wanted to give it a try nonetheless.

I used this photo of Marilyn Monroe:

And here is my attempt:

So I definitely need to work on proportions. I have to admit I didn't use a ruler. I have a strange disdain for using measuring tools, and that's something I need to get over. A part of me wants to be able to draw without tools — just pencil and erasers and blending tools — but I know that great artists learned using tools first and then later on moved to freely drawing.

Overall, however, I'm pretty happy with my attempt; I didn't think I had it in me. I need to really master the use of measuring tools, so any feedback on that would be amazing. I'm going to try drawing a portrait where the person is looking straight at me. I think that'll be good practice.

I will post my progress along the way. 

Progress update (1/30/14)

Here's a few practices that focus on better porportions.

I still need to work on the chin and jawline; I keep making the face wider than it really is. I used a ruler this time but I don't know what happened along the way. 

First picture is supposed to be Hunter S. Thompson but people think it's Nicolas Cage.

Second picture is Aubrey Hephburn.

Third is supposed to be Daenerys Targaryen from The Game of Thrones.

Any feedback/tips would be great!

Progress update (1/2/14)

Nose and forehead is a bit too big, but overall making progress on better porportions.

Progress update (2/5/14)

I've been drawing a lot these past few days. I catch myself getting lost in drawing to the point where 3 hours goes by in what seems like 30 minutes.

Here's my best attempt at Audrey Hepburn.

Couldn't get the diamond on her head correctly, haha. Her face is a little too thin compared to the picture, and I could have done a way better job on her teeth, but overall I'm surprised by the progress I'm making — to think that I started in early December blows my mind. I've been rewatching the course's videos over and over, watching Gabrielle's technique and also trying to spot any small techniques that I may have missed. I've also been following many different kinds of artists on Instagram, studying their sketches, shading techniques, and finished works.

I really need to print out a portrait and draw from that. I think I'll get measurements really accurate. Measuring off an ipad is sometimes strange for me, but I know I have to keep practicing. 

March 6th, 2013:

Progress updated 4/30/14.

I've been experimenting with different mediums like black pen and charcoal. In short, I've fallen in love. 

This course really set me on a path of drawing that I could have never imagined. Thank you Gabrielle.

Haven't updated my project in a long time, so here's a recent drawing that I finished. It's been now one year since I took this course. Thank you Gabrielle! (My porportions are still very off, but I really got the handle on shading. Once I get my porportions acurate I'm sure my pictures will look a ton better.)


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