Paul's Eyes | Skillshare Projects

Garland Villanova

Interdisciplinary Artist



Paul's Eyes

Paul's eyes were capable of expressing every single emotion but one. The most common was an arrogant icy calm accompanied by lowered lids. When his eyes were like this, all was Three Of Cups and groovy.

There was unfettered determination. Benign, except when they were followed by the insidious grenade of an adroitly placed lie. 

There was pathetic, infantile guilt. Generally during the numerous moments when the fallout of his lies left his victims trembling and turning against each other.

There was precipitous wrath. During wich those grey-blue pupils were devoid of any warmth or naivite.

Never truly opening into pools of reconciliation or recieving. Always guarding, always forging ahead, like spies on a mission all the way down to the icehouse of hell.


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