Paula Mortensen

Paula Mortensen - student project

Train was at 11am and I was done with hair (pixie bob with long side bangs) and makeup by 9:00am. I wore the black thong with denim high waist pencil skirt and white shoulderless flare sleeve tank top. I needed a ride to the train station which would take 45 minutes in the morning traffic. I didn't want daddy to know where i was going, I told him that i was going to stay at my friends place for the weekend. I called up one of my uncle's taxi driver friend and he agreed to drop me to the train station. He was known for being mean and arrogant. I agreed to his terms and asked him to pick me up by 9:30. I kissed daddy on his cheek and got into the cab. Famous bollywood item number was on and AC was turned up in the cab. Immediate reaction was to ask him to turn off the music but my nipples started to harden not sure if it was the cold or the music. I looked at him with an awkward smile. "Hey hello, how are you?" "I am great, where are you going with so many bags?" I was not interested in his questions. "Why don't you mind your driving and keep your eyes on the road." "Wow Miss! I am sorry didn't know it's a secret just like you. We are friend right?" He winked with a smile. "Hey I am Nicki my uncle would have told you about me right?" He was adjusting the mirror to look me as soon as the cab started moving. "Call me if you need taxi from now on. My company is the best." "Secy Cab is yours?" "Hey I am just a driver but I live like a boss." He had pure lust and arrogance in his eyes which turned me on. I had this choking feel in my throat it felt like a dickhead pushing in hard. I couldn't think anything else but his dick. "Ok boss! what's your offer?" "No charge for you sweetie, absolutely free." "But why are you so generous with me?" "We are friends right?" "I don't think so, you are my uncle's friend and let's leave it at that." "Hey i know your uncle but my best friend is your school bus driver." He was grinning at me. "Hmmm so what did he tell you about me?" I was curious and excited to know what the bus driver thought about me. "You are more beautiful than he described." This made me laugh and so bus driver thinks I am beautiful. I wanted to know how he described me. "How did he describe me?" "He told me about your style, you like a sexy cat in front of those pubescents." I got into the seat next him to tease him and give him a better view. I turned around for the seat belt to give him a view of my ass. I turned back around and his eyes were still on my ass. I waited for the moment he looked back up at me and gave him wink with a smile. I grabbed his dick and squeezed it hard and told him. "Hey why don't you park the cab where we can have some privacy? We are early and can do something for half an hour." He was shocked and kept his eyes on the road and scouted the parking lot and parked his taxi on the far end of the lot so we could see anyone coming in but they wont be able to see us  indian hubby porn . "I am taking you up on your offer." I pulled my top down to show him my boobs. "Pick me up after two days and we can do anything you like." He nodded and lunged forward and started pinching and pulling on my nipples really hard. He pulled me towards his mouth by the nipples. I was moaning and his mouth was on my right nipple sucking on it like a baby and squeezing the other. I pulled his head up and we started kissing and our tongues exploring each other's mouth. I moved into his lap and started grinding my ass on his growing hard on and one hand squeezing his dick from behind. As we kissed I unbuttoned his pants and my hand was inside his pants holding his dick. We kissed some more like that. "Suck my nipples baby and cum in my mouth." I felt he was shivering with excitement, I decided to increase his excitement. "Spank me and pinch my nipples when you fuck my mouth." He just nodded without taking his hands off my boobs. I kissed him softly as my tongue pushed inside his mouth and he slowly pushed back with his tongue. I was sucking his tongue and my hands were stroking his dick inside his pants. I looked at time and we still had 28 minutes left. I moved back to the passenger seat, he pushed his ass up and pulled his pants down in one quick motion and sat back looking at me. I pulled my tight skirt up till my waist showing him my black thong. I pulled the thong to a side and spanked my ass hard. He had uncircumcised dick which had a big head, i pulled the foreskin down and it stinked of dried piss. As i started rolling my tongue over his dick the pungent smell made my mouth water. He waited patiently for a few mins but then i felt his hand on my head and i knew what was coming. With one swift move he pushed my head down on his dick and held it there. He kept pushing his dick up till i started choking on his dickhead but that didn't stop him from pushing further down and finally it popped through my throat, he held his head like that in my throat for few more seconds and then pulled it out completely and started again. My fingers were wrapped around the base of his dick and moving fast. My lips were tightly wrapped around his dick and moving up and down in a fast pace. My tongue was sliding down the length of his dick and out to lick his balls. I took his left hand and placed it on my right ass, he understood and rewarded me with a hard spanking. My moans were inaudible with his dick in my mouth I just increased the pace of my sucking. He spanked my ass without mercy till it was stinging and my clit was hard and leaking. Suddenly he pushed my head down with a big moan and held it tight. His cum flooded my mouth and i kept swallowing till some of it started running down his balls. "Oh shit baby you have such a nice mouth i came so soon." he sounded disappointed. He fucked my mouth for 10 mins and still complaining live sex cams . My jaws had started to hurt. I moved up licking my fingers and showed him his cum in my mouth and swallowed it. We still had time and i went back to cleaning his dick and balls. "Will call you after two days, lets go for drive" I winked at him. I asked him to take me back to the station, we only had few more minutes before train departed. I got down in a hurry from the cab and ran inside the train station. Time froze after i licked his dick clean. He pulled me up and started kissing me, his hand sliding down the front of my thong and his one hand on my clit and the other pinching my nipples. I felt like time stopped because i just froze with these new sensations he was giving me. We kept kissing and teasing each other, till we heard a loud horn of train engine. He pulled his hand out and showed me his wet fingers, I licked his fingers clean as we left the parking lot. I ran inside and asked the ticket checker on the gate about the train and he replied without looking up "It's on platform number 7, hurry you only have few minutes before it leave."Paula Mortensen - image 1 - student project