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Tara Gill

Patterns of Growth



Patterns of Growth


I am really excited to be here. I have been toying with patterns for a long time in my photography of plants. Now I am ready to learn how to transfer some of the organinc patterns I create photographically into vector format. Below is a photographic pattern made out of acorns and their caps.

Looking forward to meeting some of you here and learning together.

Project 1, Opposites Attract

The first pattern is made from a gingko biloba leaf, one of my favorites. I started with a photgraph, traced and repeated my design to make an ogee, another favorite shape. In illustrator I made the pattern with a few variations including hex by column and brick by column.

I like the negative space created in this design, but it is too static.

Hex by Column

I have always wanted to make a stripe from this plant.I put it into Photoshop and changed it to greyscale, then imported it to Illustrator. Duplicate, flip, done.

The oringinal image

Opposites together

Thanks for the suggestion to play around with the background color. I also reduced the size of the pattern for these brick by column patterns made from the same leaf.

Another Set

I decided to try floral and geometric as another set. I realized after that even though the floral is floral, the shape is quite triangular, so not so sure how contrasting they are.


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