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Patterns from sketches and photos 2017

New project: patterns from photos and sketches

Here are some photos I will work from on these projects. Thanks, Bonnie, for offering this workshop.

I have some mood boards (below) from a previous workshop I took with Bonnie, but was unable to finish. I will use some of these images in this current course.


I am new to pattern design so I decided to try a kids pattern, a floral and a geometric/abstract pattern to see how they work out.

The picnic pattern will have baby animals enjoying a summer day. The Spanish influenced pattern will be a lush focal-point floral, and the geometric will be the most challenging as I usually work with realistic imagery. I find color combining to be a challenge so that is why the use of Illustrator appeals to me because of the recolor option. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work! Good luck, and thank you, Bonnie.



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