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Aisha Kristine Chong

Writer / Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Patterns, Flower and Butterflies

I have always been interested with patterns - I like the idea of creating patterns as it can be used in a lot of things from tangible and intangible things. I was actually trying to find a tutorial for Illustrator - but didn't realized that this was a class using photoshop lol - I gave it a shot anyway. Surprisingly.. I was able to understood how it works as well. It was fun (I had those moments in photoshop where in sometimes I feel they are complicated at the same time - they are not, lol!)

So anyway.. I used a flower for this one (since I have always wanted to do one in illustrator but for some reason.. I am just not good in coming up with it, lol!) I started with a color yellow - but after tweaking in with the hue saturation and such.. I came up with this.


I went ahead and tried the other part of the tutorial and I actually fell in love with it as I was surprised on how the pattern came out to be..(at first I had problems because I tend to forget clicking on pixels, etc lol.


I actually like patterns itself without putting it on a shape, haha! But I created this one for the sake of this project assignment on this class:


I kind of like how it looked like overall.. - it look pretty decent and presentable.. (I think,lol)

It was another fun and enjoyable class, Helen - I look forward for more classes to come! <3


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