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Patterns: Creating and mixing

Week 1: Contrasts, tiles made in Illustrator

Finally had some time to rewatch some of the videoos and digitize the sketches that I had made. I liked these two designs Light versus Heavy but they are also Directional versus Non-directional.

And here is another one:

Large versus small

Pointy versus round


Week 1: Contrasts in sketches

Because of the extreme heat here, I hardly dare to turn on the computer :). So I did the first week challenges on paper.

Contrast: Point versus Line

Contrast Big versus Small:

Contrast: Light versus Heavy. Also 1 directional print versus non directional print.

Contrast Geometric versus Floral. And Grid versus Halfdrop layout.


Contrast Smooth versus Sharp. And: Organic versus Man Made.

Looking forward to your comments and the rest of the class!


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