Pattern the world

Pattern the world - student project

I have come to a place, where I am stuck and have agreed to take a day time job, yuk! I need more money, unfurtunally, but think its a shame to waste my "talent" on a stupid day job. 

I have done 4 coloring books, the 3 at the biggest publisher in Denmark, sold to several countries, as Japan. 

Been uploading to so many companys on a daily basis, since I always draw, I have so much to upload. Redbubble, zazzle, Spoonflower, Myfabricdesign, teespring, Rageon, Threadless. And even Adobe stock and Shutterstock, which is against what I like, but I might get seen out there. 

And I am uploading to Patternbank, where I was lucky enough to get in. And I do sell occasionally, but NOT enough. 

Have applied to all danish fashion companys, for a freelance pattern job, but they only want inhouse designers, and I live in Copenhagen, not Jylland. And no, I can not move, since I have 3 kids. 

I have applied to Eijffinger, and other fabric companies, and Paperchase, many times. Hermes too! They would be on top of my list, forgot them, too big.

At this point, I am thinking, am I kidding myself, are there room for me? Are my illustrations too boring, are everybody else better than me?  I guess, when I reach like number 100 closed door, I get stuck and lack confidence. 

Pattern the world - image 1 - student projectPattern the world - image 2 - student projectPattern the world - image 3 - student projectPattern the world - image 4 - student project