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Pattern pairs-Milk bottles, poppies and stripes-And The Magnificent Seven


I've been really knuckling down with Iluustrator these last two months, learning vectorising hand drawn sketches for clip art, invitation design etc. Through Art School, Illustrator was looming and comlicated-Photoshop's angry bully of an older brother, and we never really touched it, but i think I'm really coming to grips with it now. I watched all the videos (I have to say, my 3 children sat and watched mesmorized as well "MUM! CATS!! The CAT SONG!"), and after many, many attempts, learning a little each time with every unsaved disaster, I'm starting to understand the techincal concepts and it really is addictive, I find myself playing a little each time I pass the computer.  I used some of the hand drawn images I've vectorised, and played around with them and vector shapes to form the contrasting pairs of patterns, and they are all in greyscale. Here was my first finsihed pair, finally without the cracks and gaps in the finshed pattern, and it pleasantly reminds me of wallpaper.

I grew fond of the 'floral and stripe' pattern, so I tried a more multi directional style with both.

The last is my favourite, It feels a bit kitsch to me, which is fairly close to my heart.

How are those eyes after those dots? They are a bit full on & static, I was happy to learn how to create that moving, electric quality. 

After the few Illustrator themed tantrums, this was great fun! Can't wait to have a go with some colour!


Okay, so! I was happily watching the second set of lectures and BAM! Heidi Chisholm comes flying at my face, and I spent the rest of the faternoon googling and oogling her work. Wow. Really. I'm hooked. I looked closely and tried to distect it a little, I love the pop art asthetic, the limited yet bold colours, the drawn quality, grand tattoo like look. So I go back to the ink pens and think pop culture.

My Father has decided he wants my sons to see the films and shows he watched as a kid, so one night we all sat down to 'The Maginificent Seven', the classic 60's Western. It (and a young Steve Mcqueen) have been boucning round my head ever since, loved it, and apart from spontanously breaking into the theme tune, all Dess & Da Da's, I thought I'd draw on that pop asthetic and make some patterns. I drew elements from the film, and spent hours playing with them and built vector shapes in Illustrator. As with every piece of mine, it gets to a point where it evolves on it's own, so here's what I came up with. After looking at mexican patterns, I found a quilting block which is called 'Mexican Roses', these frames our Hero, Yule Brynner.

So, Lots of horses in a Western. This is a bit kitsch, not as I originally intended, but I built the Ginham pattern, and the horses worked well against it. Red, I have to try this in Red!

I then tried a tossed pattern. I assure you, that is not the flying V's, but through the film, as they are collecting their seven bravest men, they count up to seven as they each join. Steve Mcqueen makes two. And Roses, lots of Roses on lots of graves.

I've taken a look at colour schemes, I'm thinking very limited but bold. Will update again very soon with some coloured patterns. This really is rather addictive.


I've finally added some colour to my patterns! I have to say, the digital colour mixjng? The blend tool? Making a colour matrix? I mean, I;m probably showing my naivety here, but it blew my tiny mind. Wow. I have suffered so many hours with pallette and knife, sweating into the mix as I try to achieve these blends pysically with paint. But here, it magically appears. So good.

I found the attract/repel exercise really helpful and constructive, to narrow down what colours I use and speak to me. Here's my least favourite duo, Brown and Yellow..Or what i like to call, 'Grandma's linen'

Yeah. Sorry bout that. And one of my favourites? Which will probably illcit groans of disgust I will never hear. "Barbie picks up the Rotary dial"

From there, I chose 8 colours, and mixed to produce a neutral grey and brown.

And went to work! The first one is a bit safe, in my opinion. I'd call "Annie was a plain girl, but racy"

The second colourstory, I wanted to experminet with a very limtied colour scheme, so only the two complement colours and neutrals-"Scrimshaw daisies"

The last is my favourite. I love it. "Yule on a Unicorn"

Those horses. Doing things to my eyes. Wonderful things. I learnt so much about colour in this unit, and had a lot of fun!


Well, It took me 24 hours to be back here with my final collection. Eager Much?

I designed a plain dot/diamond pattern with my neutral grey to sit alongside my colour story. I took the apron test...Oh and the horse test...quilt test?

I did a mockup quilt pattern, as generally these are how patterns translate to me, as a quilter & all round stitcher, this is how I look at patterns to see how they sit against each other. I grabbed some horse silhouette and filled them, they might be sweet hung off string in my baby's bedroom. Oh yes, and a socially awkwrad contact card. Just like me, unfortunately.

So here is my final collection-"Bubblegum Cowboy.

In "Annie, The Racy Patriot"

Again in "Scrimsahw Daisy"

And lastly, In "Marabou Unicorn"

I happy with what I produced, I could have worked for weeks more on them though! i learnt so much overall, and have a much deeper understanding of illustrator now, and where else i can use it in my practice and work. Plus, I had fun!


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