Pattern from a photo

Pattern from a photo - student project

This is so exciting...the fact that you can extract anything from any photo and make it into a pattern!

I used a photo I had taken of a rose for this project.  It isn't a great photo at all, but it had a solid background -- making it easier to extract -- and I think it worked okay...  The following is the photo I used:

First, though, I have a slight issue, Helen.  On two of the papers I posted below (both with the red backgrounds), there seems to be some sort of halo around the roses.  Do you know why that would be?  I don't notice it so much on the other papers.  Or...maybe my eyes are just playing tricks with me... :D

Pattern from a photo - image 1 - student project

Here was my first attempt:

Pattern from a photo - image 2 - student project

Here I added a hue/saturation layer to add a little color to the roses:

Pattern from a photo - image 3 - student project

I'm really not sure if I care too much about this next one.  Maybe it's all of the grey on the front of the rose that I'm not sure I like.  I also noticed -- because it shows up more with the black -- that the stem looks too chopped off here:

Pattern from a photo - image 4 - student project

Finally...I made a pattern and a paper from the original colored rose.  In this pattern, I removed the stem:

Pattern from a photo - image 5 - student project