Pattern for tea | Skillshare Projects

Jacqueline Kok

Illustrator and pattern designer



Pattern for tea

My inspiration for this project was tea. While watching the first videos I was drinking tea. I love tea and pretty teacups and pots. And it gave me a change to use my favorite colors again without painting flowers.

My inspiration list:

- teacups

- teapots

- teabags

My motifs in pen. I already started coloring when I realized I had to take a picture first so one cup is already colored.


The version with watercolor added looks like this:


My Illustrator artboard with vectorized objects. Looks so beautifully white ;)


And the finished pattern. I found the background color a difficult decision. For now it is pinkish.


I love this course. Thank you Jenn, making patterns from my watercolor paintings became a lot easier and clearer. I will have a lot of fun exploring and creating more patterns with all this information.


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