Pattern designer living by Markét

Pattern designer living by Markét - student project

Hello Maja,

thank you for this class and other your classes too. Lately I watch and learn everything available about surface pattern design. I think this is totally what makes me sense.

For years I was a graphic designer in a small company and I have bourned out there. Now I am a freelance illustrator, but...
Long story short – I and my good friend have a small sewing studio and now I know, I can combine my illustrator passion with my designing and sewing passion. 

Pattern designer living by Markét - image 1 - student project(some of the patterns I made)

I already have one contract with a small cap company and make some designs for them, but it is only the beginning.

My goals for the next moths are:

1. Make really strong pattern collection (not easy one, I have so many patterns created, but I think they are not good enough).

2. Make products of fabrics with my designs in our little studio and sell them to people (now it is in phase of prototypes).

3. Have some income from Spoonflower shop.

4. Reach for more licencing deals.

Marketa Jehlici
Illustration, Design