Jan Sheps




Pattern, Shape & Colour

This is a fascinating exercise - everything has become clear about a lot of the imagery I like and make!

Colour TV wasn't available in my household until I was around 10 yrs old - also there were only 3 channels and most of the day they weren't even showing anything.....I learned to read fast to alleviate boredom. I also would have played outside in the overgrown garden a lot and would always be out there with my paintbox. The day felt-tipped pens were invented was a very happy one. I liked filling in those checkered exercise books with crayons to make patterns.

Favourite programmes:

Woodentops - loved Mummy Woodentop's massive patterned skirts

The Magic Roundabout - I draw a lot of sillhouette motifs like the trees/flowers in this

The Daleks - loved the metallic finish and the symmetrical/industrial look

The Flintstones - the fun and colour is something I strive to reproduce in my work

Rupert Bear - magical, charming ink and paint drawings with movement in the stars/clouds

Ludo - I loved this board game because I loved the design of the board - symmetry, bright

Noddy - super bright toytown - love the simple shapes of the trees and building blocks

Anna and the King of Siam - the first colour movie I remember  - sumptuous textures/fabrics/decor



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