Pattern Pinks

Pattern Pinks - student project

This class and your Print on Demand Live class helped so much to think about patterns and colors. 

I started with a busy pattern and refined it several times with spacing and size so I'd have detailed, medium, and a large pattern. I also started playing with color changes.

I really liked the idea of the three stages: assets, block, pattern. I added another one, portfolio. 

To start, I chose the Modern Autumn palette-- one I would never choose on my own, and that in itself is causing me problems with choosing backgrounds because I never start with a "red" color! But I'm stretching myself. 

You can see the development of my floral patterns in these portfolio images:

Pattern Pinks - image 1 - student project

Pattern Pinks - image 2 - student project

I have not adapted the patterns for my two color changes: blue and orange, but here's how they look so far:

Pattern Pinks - image 3 - student project

After creating my original pink and busy floral pattern, I watched the POD class, and instead of drawing butterflies, I decided to create the hedgehog design I'd been thinking about.  I wrote about that process in that class project. 

Then I returned to this class to consider the different designs I could make with both the hedgehog and the floral design. So that's how these two classes work well together.

Here's the portfolio for the hedgehogs-- a screenshot of my four background colors so far:

Pattern Pinks - image 4 - student project

Thanks so much for sharing your process and helping other artists begin their journey. So appreciated!