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Pattern Method

BACKGROUND I am a graphic designer and I am currently working on several projects. One of my projects is Pattern Method, which I have selected explore within this marketing project. Pattern Method is currently a project that  I imagine building into a brick-and-mortar studio/workshop. It is in its infancy stages and it is a blog which I use to experiment with creative ideas. While I gain experience and work in surface design, this blog will allow me to create a community and learn what content and information really connect with those people that might be participating in my workshops someday.

PATTERN METHOD  On a mission to surround myself with pattern & color.  Are you in?

description from the blog: A pattern is a way of bringing the colors, shapes, and lines from our world and putting them in a beautiful arrangement. A method is an organized, thoughtful way of doing something. My passion is to create a relationship between our emotional response to the world and the patterns that surround us.  I am here to show you how to see pattern in everyday things and how to incorporate pattern into your life!

why pattern: 

Just as in any art form, pattern connects us to our emotions… allows us to play and experiment with shape and color. It can be tied to tradition and story. In its best form, pattern is an expression of what inspires us.


What is marketing for?

Marketing for Pattern Method is to gain followers and create a community, establish credibility in my craft… leading to pattern sales, workshop sales,  and commissioned work. 

What are we allowed to touch?

I am the sole proprietor so I can change and modify anything I see fit in order to clarify the mission, change content, strengthen relationships.

What can we measure?

Initially we can measure number of followers. I can imagine that the more followers I have would translate into doing a better job with my content, connecting with my audience, and increased sales.

What can we change?

We can change the content of the blogs… which I will grow and modify as I learn. I believe that the Pattern Method idea is based on having people learn and discover what they want and need … not necessarily giving them something that they realize they are looking for.

What promise are we going to make?

The promise is to deliver inspiration and how-tos in pattern in an authentic, courageous, happy way.

What is the hard part?

The hard part is setting myself and my ideas apart from the HUGE competition on the internet. 

Should we make trends or follow them?

There are a lot of people online now selling workshops, how-tos, and inspiration. Blogs are NOT NEW. I am following the trend in this manner.. but I want to use local, face-to-face relationships to make a niche instead of appearing to want to do what everyone else is doing and reach everyone. 

Where is the risk?

The risk for me is marketing myself and not being able to deliver. For my customers (followers, clients), they are risking a lack of experience for vision. 

Who's is in charge?

I am in charge!

What is the money for?

The money is to add followers. 

What is the most important way to spend my time?

This is difficult because I have very limited time and I want to spend time on the building my craft and developing patterns. Without this, no matter how fabulous my marketing is, I will be dead in the water. 


Pattern Method is a creative community resource allowing people to be inspired by pattern, to learn about pattern, and to gain the courage to jump right in and cuddle right up next to pattern. Pattern Method is friendly, approachable, modern, and skillful… but not afraid to make mistakes. 


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