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Elizabeth Olwen

Surface Pattern Designer



Pattern Designer and the quest for new site

Hi everyone! Excited to take this class because I'm in need of a new website. I've heard a ton of good stuff about Squarespace and have been browsing their beautiful templates. 

I'm a surface pattern designer (I actually teach a bunch of classes here on Skillshare). I built my website about 3 years ago using Wordpress, when I needed a portfolio site and didn't have a lot of products yet. 

I found it a little too hands-on in terms of the technical side of things. I had to hire a web developer to add a few extra (but very basic) features that I couldn't do on my own. And it took me countless hours for a relatively simple site. I run a busy surface pattern design business and I've let my site content slip and haven't updated as much as I should becuase it's just too annoying and I feel like i have to re-learn the platform every time I need an update. I've also really tired of the look, and my brand has evolved a lot, and a need a site that reflects it.

Can't wait to dive in! 

Here's my current site… which I can't wait to change. 



My new site is live and I love it. There was so much good advice in this class -- it helped me get a handle on Squarespace and get my head in the game so I felt like the learning curve wasn't so bad. I also appreciated the advice on getting ALL the content ready before starting on the site itself.

I thought of the sort of design I wanted for the site and found a template that would work, then got to work on planning out the full look, and my content. The class made me realize that I needed to up my photography game, so I took a few other Skillshare classes -- Photography for Bloggers (so good!) and Merchandise your own Online Shop/Create a Lookbook -- and both were so helpful. So I also re-did all of my photography. The end result is just what I wanted - a nice blank canvas for my work and products to shine. 

Great class! Really helped me! And I'm sold on Squarespace, sooooo much better than my previous Wordpress site. Thank goodness. 

Here are some screengrabs of my final site:





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