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Pattern Design Workshop. Create 3 Focal Prints - April 12, 2016

My name is Cinthia James. I am German American, currently living in Switzerland. I studied graphic design and completed my studies in 2014. During my studies I worked full-time in the pharmaceutical business and am currently still working there. I hope to one day work in art and design full-time. I love surface pattern design. I have designed and sketched in pattern for many years now but never knew how to appy or that I was doing pattern design. I am excited about this class. 

1. Metamorphosis 

The only constant is change. I personally have morphed professionally and personally. I am fascinated by the the act of metamorphosis, being one thing and then changing into another. I draw inspiration from nature around me with it’s contatnt visul transforamtion only to remind me that I too go through seasons. 

Just like nature, change isn’t always beautiful or easy but it always serves a purpose. In this collection I draw from the abstract and litteral nture to bring a change to myself creatively and a change to my audiance visually. 




Friday April 29, 2016

Kept working on my Metamorphosis theme I completed 10 patterns. Not sure about the naming yet. The colors are off when I upload to the project gallery. They are very bright here. The orginal are more muted.

Any Suggestion on refinning the pattterns?




2. Commute 

The very organized and easily recognizable signs and traffic markings. The bright yellow crosswalk next to the blue restricted parking lines and the various signs guide my way into work. 




Saturday April 30, 2016

Completed a mini collection for commute. Focused on graphic elements like signs arrows and threw in a bick or two. The colors are off here too. Also the white areas on the signs of the second pattern aren't showing due to the compression to fit the image in the gallery. 



3. Spring Awaits  - will focus on the other two themes. Will complete this after the class

I love the transition from winter to spring, the beautiful mix of empty trees with bloosming ones. The tight buds and dry leaves signal the seasonal change. 




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