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Pattern Design Workshop: Spring Garden, Sea Tales, Princess Accessories

Hi everyone! Hi Bonnie!

This is my very first skillshare project, and I'm so excited, and I hope I can finish it in time:)

About myself: I'm Fruzsina Fridel from Hungary, Budapest. I'm an actress, and I played one of the main roles in a hungarian soap opera for 5 years and I'm a member of a small theater company.

Now I've got three wonderful little girls (7, 5, 1 years old) so I'm at home with the littlest now. It's a little bit difficult to find some spare time to make my project, but I'm very dedicated:) I don't think that I will continue my actress career beside my children, so I try to flourish in other things what I like. I think the surface pattern designing is a very creative and happy work. I love to draw and paint since my childhood, and I like the program Illustrator too! I always get positive feedbacks from my family. I hope I will get from Bonnie too:)

1. Spring Garden

I waited spring so much, so it wasn't question for me to work on a spring floral pattern in this project:)

My words: raindrops, bud, narcissus, fresh, tulip, crocus, snowdrop, hyacinth, sprout, watercolor


I always draw my sketches with pencil first, then I draw the lines with marker again and at the end I rubber the pencil lines. It worked me very well, because I haven1t got a lightbox yet.

Some sketches about my flowers:


2. Sea Tales

I love so much the colorful world under the sea, and it is so inspirational. I choosed this theme for my second project.

My words: whale, dolphin, fish, shell, starfish, seaweed, bubble, seahorse, deep, wave

My skeches:


I thought, I have got very little elements, so I skeched some more seaweeds, corals and bubbles.


Sea Tale in progress:


Focal point print:


A simple pattern for my Sea Tales:


Coordinating patterns:



3. Princess accessories

Beside my 3 little girls the princess theme is eternal:) There is no day without them. My moadboard is in my head:) These objects, what I imagined with a princess.

My words: mirror, crown, bouquet, shoes, comb, palace, chandelier, bag, happy, romantic


Focal point print:




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