Pattern Design Workshop - March 2016 - 3 Focal Prints in 3 weeks

I've chosen my 3 themes for my focal prints, really hard to narrow down what to do but here is the first one before I change my mind again. 

1. Grandpa's Garden 

This print is based on the wonderful fuit and veg that my Granpd grew in his garden and allotment. As little kids we visited my grandparents every weekend and always came home with some fresh produce from their garden and many times raspberry jam my Granny made from their own rasps. 



These are sketches for the first pattern, I'm way behind but am making progress even if it is slowly :)




2. Geological 

I've not finalised the inspiration board for this one yet, but will add it asap along with more explanation of ideas but I'm thinking organic geometrics right now.

3. Whether the weather

This actullay inspired by a book my son brought home from school. The weather is much talked about, especially here in Scotland. I'll come back and add more detail later.


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