Pattern Design Workshop - Focal Point Patterns

Hi All!  My name is Kris Jahner.  I live in North Dakota with my husband and my 15 y/o son.  By day I am a Human Resources professional, by nights and weekends I create.  I have become fascinated with Surface Pattern Design, and have watched Bonnie's courses multiple times without actually creating anything, so I'm excited for this workshop as it's helping me get motivated!  In January of this year, I challenged myself to sketch (and post) every day.  I enjoyed it so much I kept doing it well into May.   Now I'm working on taking those sketches/drawings and turning them into something. 

My husband and I also run a small custom woodworking/sign making shop in our spare time.  I'm trying my hardest to eventually say I'm a Designer by day and an HR professional on the side!  I'd love to connect on Instagram or Facebook.  You can find me on both as RusticPrairieDesigns.  https://www.instagram.com/rusticprairiedesigns/

Here are the inspiration boards I've been working on. 

1.  Travel to Yesterday

I love all things vintage.  Really it's the stories the vintage items hold, the memories they have witnessed, the memories they are in that pulls at me.  Traveling today is an adventure, but traveling years ago would have been even more of one.  No smart phones, no google maps, no internet to book your travel on, and no instant photos.   It's almost hard to imagine.   My inspiration board came from Pinterest.  The sketches are from my 100+ days of sketching this year. 



2.  Tea Party

I don't love tea, I try to, but I just don't.  I'm a coffee girl through and through.  But, I absolutely love tea cups.  The colors, the patterns, drawing them.  They just seem to come from a different era.  A simpler time.  Plus, they remind me of my Grandma's and my Mom.  

The 10 descriptive words that came to me were

Pretty, Delicate, Flowers, Romantic, Whimsical, Muted, Fun, Grandma, Heritage, Vintage

The inspiration board is a mix of my photos and Pinterest.  The sketches are part of my 100+ days of sketching this year.  I'm going to pull the images out and create patterns from there. 




3.  Heather's Garden

One of my very best childhood friends lives in a mountain valley in Northern Montana.  She has the most beautiful flower garden ever.  It is reminiscent

of her grandmothers garden here on the ND prairie, but taken to another level.  I love flowers, all kinds of flowers, but Heather's garden is my favorite.   The images for my inspiration board are hers, used with her permission.   






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