Tracy Michelle Olson

Graphic Design Artist • Pattern and Letter Lova



Pattern Design Workshop: Create 3 Focal Point Prints in 3 Weeks


I'm Tracy from Wisconsin! I am oh so new to pattern & surface design. I've only watched a few classes through skillshare but have never participated in one before. I know I'm a person that needs deadlines to get my butt into gear and start creating! I work full time for Kohl's corp as a photo retoucher but would love to transition into our product development area as a surface designer but I know I need a lot of practice... a lot! This fall I will be returning back to school to finish my degree in graphic design. I realized in my late 20s I wanted to go back to school to earn a 2nd degree (first in Communications—blah) in something I could actually use. I have always been a doodler, and I liked to paint, and make anything out of anything but never felt I was an "artist." It wasn't until recently that I realized, with practice, and truly hard work, commitment, and yes, some talent, that I can get better. I really loved Bonnie's quote, "It doesn't matter what everyone else is doing, it matter what you are doing." I think it's very easy to get discouraged in any creative field if you're constantly comparing yourself to others. So I try to keep that thought close to me and let me self simply be inspired by others.

Alright so my 3 themes;

1. Jungle Park

Would like to keep lines very simple and clean but might play around with line weight.

Application: Children's apparel print. Would love to pull a spot graphic out of this with one of the animals or create additional.

2. Ice Cream Social

Might try this in watercolor/acrylic. 

Application: Stationery, partyware, softline goods

3. 90s Grunge

Anytime I can do something involving the 90s or 80s, I'll do it! I really liked how my "lace" graphic turned out. I think I need to keep pluggin away to come up with more graphics or some variation.

Application: Junior Girls apparel





A lot of work needed still on these. I like my colors but there is an inconsistency I've developed with the style. Not sure if I would like these better NOT outlined. Needs a lot of work!!


Alrighty so here is my HERO print for Jungle Playground. I didn't think I would use black but I found it really made these other colors POP! The few patterns I've made in the past I have always had a lot of space in between my motifs so I challenged myself to get a lil' busier! I MAY have gotten carried away but I think it's kind of cool to get lost in the pattern and find the different jungle friends (:

Gotta work on my mocks to get them a little more realistic looking. I think this is as far as I will get by tomorrow ): but I'd rather put a lot of focus on one pattern to start out and I will for sure revisit here soon to upload my other two. Please let me know any thoughts or suggestions you guys have on how this could be better! I will also look at doing this in a different lighter color palette. 






 I decided to take the watercolor approach for the ice cream social pattern. I haven't played with colors yet, these are just the scans. I'd like to develop more motifs and maybe eliminate some of these. 


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