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Pattern Design Workshop: Create 3 Focal Point Prints in 3 Weeks

**I couldn't finish all the three patterns on time for the workshop's deadline, but I'll finish them anyway because this is a great exercise! I'm loving this workshop. I've just added a third theme and hope to be working on it during the week**

Hi! I'm Nieves, from Madrid, Spain. I'm a freelance web and graphic designer working from home, where I live with my partner and 3 1/2 years old daughter. I'd like to make the transition to surface pattern design as I've discovered this is my true calling, and for the last 1 year I've been taking on-line classes to learn as much as I can on this area.

I'm not fluent in English, and even if I can listen and read without problems, I find really hard to express myself with accuracy. Finding the 10 words for the subjects has not been not easy to me, because I think in Spanish and have to translate them to English later, and I'm not very sure about the nuances of some words. I hope the results won't be very crazy :)

I've just managed to work on two themes, I expect to upload the third one some time later this week.


I've always had a love for space travel, especially in their beginnings, with all that imagery so epic and naif at the same time. I started collecting space-related and sci-fi images from the '50-'60 and thought I could develop a theme from here, maybe for a kid's market?

Keywords: outer space, adventure, robots, modern, geometric, rockets, milky way, cosmonaut, vintage technologie, sunburst.



 First sketches:


I haven't decided on a color palette, so I opted to do all my motifs in a monochromatic scheme to not get distracted by color choices. I'll add color later.


Final print:

Finally I pulled a palette from my moodboard and a book of ads from the 50's because I wanted to keep a mid-century look. I had to fight my natural tendence to make a very dense pattern (apparently I don't like negative space) because I feel this theme asked for a bit more of... well, space :) I'm not sure if I've achieved my objective, I think it's still a little bit too busy, but for now I have to stop and let it rest for a few days. Any feedback would be appreciated!



One of my favourite places is Cabo de Gata, a natural park located on the south east coast of Spain, Almería, where I've spent many summer holidays in the last 15 years. It's a very special place: a desert landscape by the sea with a volcanic origin, lots of native species and the greatest seabeds (seafloors?) on the Spanish coast. I have been inspired by its fantastic arid nature, colors, contrasts, and great starry nights.

Keywords: agave, drought, lizard, steep, starry, earth, infinite, volcanic, survivor, raw.

Moodboard: unfortunately I can't find many of my holiday pictures, so it's a mix of my own photos and images found on the web.


 First sketches:




Final print:

I finished this one a bit in a hurry as I'm on holidays and spending most of the day outside with my family. I'm not sure about the scale here...



For my last pattern I've chosen a theme very "me", because I'm a big fan of everything scandinavian. I recently created an accesories and deco brand and named the same, because this seem to provide and endless source of inspiration for me :)

Summer Cabin is about the long days of scandinavian summers, small and charming wooden houses, swimmings by the lake, boats, saunas, picking flowers and wildberrys, the smell of the forest, and picnics with friends.




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