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Pattern Design Workshop / Create 3 Focal Point Prints in 3 Weeks

Hurray! I've just finished my first focal print and regarding that this is my second repeating pattern in total so far, I am quite happy with the result. It is called "Inside Garden" and it means a lot to me. The windows literally are my apartment windows and everything you can find in the pattern, exists on my window sill. I somehow lost the cat in the illustration process, but the real one is sitting next to me and will get her very own pattern. Enough rambling. I will definitely keep playing with the color options, but for now - I need a break. Have a lovely weekend everybody!

// World of Wonder //

unicorn, stars, guarding eyes, crystals, wind, thunderstorms, silence, dreaming, shooting star, rainbow

Inspiration Board // World of Wonder //

And some of my sketches :)


And the pattern :) This is probably the cheesiest thing I've ever made, but it like it a lot. You can see a line in the pattern. If I zoom in and out it is gone, but I am not sure if it is entirely gone when I print it. I will find out :) So far I am happy with the result.


// Furry Friend //

paws, soft fur, pink nose, curiosity, playfull, green eyes, golden ribbon, whiskers, cat grass, diva

Inspiration Board // Furry Friend //


Colored motifs "Furry Friend"


This is my third focal print. I really tried to make it work, repeated the whole process several times, but somehow I can't figure out the problem with my repeat. Will do so tomorrow. It is 1 in the morning in Austria and I need to go to bed now, because of work tomorrow :) I love my pattern anyway. And I am happy I've managed to make all 3 of them :)


// Inside Garden //

window sill, aloe vera, hanging plant, pilea, seeds, watering can, buds, coral, sea shell, buds

Inpiration Board // Inside Garden //



Inside Garden Focal Print:



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