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Pattern Design Workshop: Create 3 Focal Point Prints; Snowbird, Wild Desert, and Mountain Life


My name is Jenn. I live in the high country outside of Steamboat Springs, CO. My favorite source of inspiration is the natural world. I am new to surface pattern design and have been taking courses here and there when time allows.

My first project, Snowbird, is one I worked on in another class last month that I would like to develop further. The second theme, Wild Desert, is inspired from several trips I have taken to the Utah desert. And the third, Mountain Life, is a reflection of where I live. I love florals so each collection will probably have some floral elements. I'll have more sketches to upload this evening!

Update January, 25th - Just trying to keep up here and at least get something posted. I have two toddlers who require most of my time! I love these days spending time with them while they grow and learn. But I long for the day when they both go to school so I can too! Anyway, I realize I need a lot more motifs to build focal point patterns. The work I have completed has taken sooooo long since I am so new to Illustrator. Also, I really am just making it work, patching things together. I hope to get the third pattern started here soon.

Project #1 - Snowbird

Keywords Snow bunting, snowflake, frosty, festive, rustic, peaceful, winter calm, mitten, snowy, whispering, tranquil



Illustrated Motifs


Jan 31st update - here is my pattern for Snowbird, two ways. Which do you prefer?? I still see lots of tweaking that could be done. Hoping to complete the other two on time!



Project #2 - Wild Desert

Keywords - Roam, drift, wilderness, wildness, arid, vast, sand dunes, southwest, rugged, solitude, cacti, succulents, evening primrose, dune verbena 




Wild Desert Pattern and Coordinate Play


Project #3 - Mountain Life

Keywords - Deep forest, woodsy, quiet, stillness, wildflowers, aspen leaf, aspen grove, pinecone, grasses, natural, verdant, peaceful, serene, escape



More sketching to do!

Last call! I didn't get the time I needed to explore this theme, or all for that matter. But, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and am so very grateful for all the valuable lessons and feedback. Here's the start of Pattern #3 - Mountain Life. It's not anything near what I have in mind ;) I just really wanted to finish, even if a little late. Thanks!!!



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