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Melissa Iwai

Children's Book Illustrator and Author



Pattern Design Workshop: Cherry Blossoms, Christmas Snow, and Dinosaurs!



Pattern Workshop

Hi Everyone,

I'm Melissa, and I'm a children's book author and illustrator. Making patterns are somewhat new for me, and I'm hoping I'll be able to keep up with this workshop!

I chose three very diverse themes for my pattern collections. The first one is Cherry Blossom Spring, and it is inspired by the few years I lived in Japan. The cherry blossom season is very big there and people actively go outside and sit under cherry trees to enjoy the ephemeral beauty of the flowers. Some words I came up with are: Softness, Spring, Rebirth, Fleeting, Peaceful, Calm, Whisper, Fresh, Sweet, Blanket of Pink.


Some sketches of cherry blossoms I did this morning:


My second theme is Christmas Snow.

Winter is ending, and I'm looking forward to spring, but I do love it when it snows. This past Christmas, it was sunny and relatively warm in NY. My favorite is when we have a white Christmas. Seeing snow covered trees and walking in soft powdery whiteness makes me happy. Some words I'm thinking of are:
Hush, Dancing, Swirling, Delicate, Quiet, Powder, Inward, Bright, Cold, Crystal, Crisp


Sketching this morning, I started thinking of animals in the forest, inspired by my painting of the moose above. So I did some sketches of furry creatures as well as trees and snowflake parts I can later make in Illustrator: 


My last theme is Dinosaur Dreams, which is inspired by my son's dinosaur toys. Words which capture my vision of this collection are: Prehistoric, Leafy, Fossil, Reptilian, Jungle, Scaly, Lumbering, Ferocious, Mysterious, and Predator.


Some sketches of dinosaurs. Not sure if I will incorporate lettering into the pattern, but I think I might. Kids love to know the correct names of dinosaurs, and it might be a fun pattern that could be used for kids' products! :)


Made some dinosaur motifs today. Used image trace and colored some of them:


Ugh, I'm having probems with my pattern. Any advice? I'm discouraged because I keep getting that hairline telling me I'm one pixel off.....  Not sure what to do.  Also, I feel this pattern is static. Maybe it's the dinosaur shapes? Perhaps I should rotate them more?


Here is another one I did, but I'm having the same problem... so I think I will stop now. So frustrating... :(


I may have found a solution -- I turned off anti-aliasing in my preferences, and exported it as a PSD file also with no anti-aliasing. When I placed it in a PSD document, there were no lines! Has anyone else experienced this? I googled it, and it sounds like it is pretty common....

Here's a non-lined version with different colors.


My second pattern motifs:


My second pattern:



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